Manage your compliance with international withholding tax and anti tax evasion regulations

The Tax Compliance Toolkit equips your financial institution with all the tools you need to comply with your obligations and demonstrate robust internal controls.

The Tax Compliance Toolkit is designed to be used by:

  • Standalone financial institutions
  • Ecosystem financial institutions (including expanded affiliate groups, consolidated compliance groups, Central Securities Depositories or extended custody chains)

The Tax Compliance Toolkit provides tools to financial institutions to help you to comply efficiently with international withholding tax regulations including:

  • U.S. Qualified Intermediary (QI) framework
  • OECD Authorised Intermediary (AI) framework

The Tax Compliance Toolkit also has tools to help you comply with global anti tax evasion frameworks including:

  • CRS
  • DAC6

The Tax Compliance Toolkit is a subscription-based platform.

Some features are separately chargeable on a per transaction basis.

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Digital Investor Self Declaration

Collect a single electronically signed form that complies with the requirements for U.S. Chapter 3, 4, OECD CRS and TRACE IP, and captures Hallmark D1(A-D) of DAC6.

Tax Form Validation Tools

Get access to our standardised tax logic to test W-8 and W-9 forms in-house, or upload the form and one of our experts will review it for you.

ID Checks

Get robust, consistent verification of tax identifiers including:

  • U.S. TIN checks
  • Non-U.S. TIN format checks
  • GIIN checks
  • LEI checks

Reporting Tools

Get practical support with data processing and project management when you prepare your annual:

  • U.S. tax information reports (1042-S and 1042)
  • FATCA report
  • CRS report

Compliance Program Builder

Build your own compliance program document by answering questions and selecting appropriate policies and procedures. 

Your compliance program will be available to everyone in your team within the Tax Compliance Toolkit, making it easy to reference if any compliance queries arise.

Compliance Project Management

Manage your compliance practices using our templates for common or repeating compliance tasks, including:

  • Appying to become a QI
  • Conducting an Assessment of Effective Controls
  • Conducting a routine health check
  • Preparing for a Periodic Review

Raise of Concern

Allow your team to register potential compliance failures directly with your Responsible Officer, track concerns and maintain a record of any remedial action you take.

Knowledge Base

Search our knowledge base of articles, current regulatory documents, opinions and answers to common questions.

You can also browse our bookstore to find publications that will enhance your understanding of the regulatory landscape.


Request specific opinions from our subject matter experts and browse previous our opinions.

We provide your team with a searchable ‘corporate memory’ and access to expert knowledge tailored to your institution’s circumstances.


Access online training courses on specialist topics within the QI, FATCA and CRS regulatory frameworks.

Your staff can work at their own pace and test their knowledge through our interactive online learning platform.

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