Some big news this week…

We are delighted to officially announce the launch of the Tax Compliance Toolkit Training Academy.

Over the last 20 years we have provided training on a range of regulatory topics to help financial institutions all over the world understand their obligations. However, there are only so many hours in the day – and so many places we can be at any one time. We decided it was time to build our training expertise into the Tax Compliance Toolkit so you can access it whenever you like!

The first course available from the Training Academy is our QI Essentials training course. This course provides a foundation level understanding of the U.S. qualified intermediary regime and the role you play in helping your firm to be compliant with the terms of the QI Agreement. The course has six modules that help Responsible Officers to meet the obligation of a QI to have adequate training.

Topics include:

  • Overview and context
  • The QI application
  • Documentation
  • Withholding and depositing
  • Reporting
  • Governance
Screenshot of the My Courses page at the Tax Compliance Toolkit Training Academy.
Three course modules are displayed. These are:
- QI Essentials: Overview and Context (30 minutes)
- QI Essentials: Application (20 minutes)
- QI Essentials: Documentation (20 minutes)

Each module ends with a simple test to make sure that the content has been understood correctly. The course can be used with new staff as well as refresher training for existing staff.

Screenshot of the course quiz page for the QI Essentials: Overview and Context module.
The quiz page shows the pass mark is 80% and users are permitted to take the quiz up to three times.
The first question displayed is a multiple choice question.
The question is "U.S.-sourced FDAP income is income that is:"
The choices are:
 - Fungible, determinable, annual or periodic
- Fixed, determinable, annual or periodic
- Fixed, distributed, auxiliary or periodic

If you are already a Tax Compliance Toolkit subscriber, the course is free and included with your subscription. You can use our training management tools so you know who has completed the course, and see how they performed in each of the tests.

Screenshot of course reports dashboard showing the results for the QI Essentials: Overview and Context course.
The results table includes columns for First Name, Last Name, % Complete, Date Completed and Date Enrolled.
There are buttons to export the data as CSV or Excel.
There is a search bar to search the table by name, email or date.

If you’d like to know more about the Tax Compliance Toolkit, please contact us.

You don’t have to be a Tax Compliance Toolkit subscriber to benefit from our new Training Academy and its courses. You can purchase access to each course either as an individual, or buy seats for all members of your team. Just visit taxcompliancetoolkit.com/training to get started.


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