This week we have been busy adding more useful content to the Tax Compliance Toolkit.

Here’s what you’ll find if you take a peek…

Double the documents

We have doubled the size of our document library so you can find the latest notices, revenue procedures, publications and more.

Each document comes with some context to help you understand what it is, and when you should use it. This will help you to find the information you need, rather than getting lost in Google results!

Screenshot of a document in the Tax Compliance Toolkit document library, showing Publication 515

Opinions repository

We deliver expert opinions to our clients all the time – by email, by video call and by phone.

However, we often find that those opinions get lost when staff move on. They are also not accessible to other members of the team, who might have similar questions.

The Tax Compliance Toolkit includes an opinions repository, where we put a copy of each opinion. You can now search and filter opinions to find everything we have ever told you about a particular topic. The Tax Compliance Toolkit effectively acts as your corporate memory, helping you to get the most value out of our consultancy services.

You can also request an opinion directly in the Tax Compliance Toolkit. We will email you to let you know when your answer is ready. Or just set up a video call with your Relationship Manager – we love to talk things through and get a good understanding of your operating processes so we can give you a really practical opinion.

Screenshot of the Tax Compliance Toolkit Opinions page, showing an opinion titled "Client with U.S. indicia".

Unlimited users

This is not really a new feature – but definitely worth a reminder!

Your financial institution can add unlimited users to the Tax Compliance Toolkit. This means that anyone in your firm can access our training, knowledge base, document library and opinions at no additional charge.

The more people in your business that understand QI compliance and can access tools to support them in their roles, the better.

You can add new team members to your Tax Compliance Toolkit any time – or ask your Relationship Manager if you’d like to add users in bulk.

That’s it for this week!

We have lots of exciting new features in the pipeline, so look out for our next update for more information. 

We’d love to hear your views too, so if there is something you would like to see in the Tax Compliance Toolkit, please contact us.


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