Tax Compliance Toolkit News #1

We have been busy working on new features to support financial institutions with their compliance obligations.

Here are some of the improvements we have made this week:

1. Investor Self Declaration users can now save and continue later

You told us that some of your clients want to save their progress when completing their Investor Self Declaration and return to it later. This usually happens when they need to take tax advice to help them answer a specific question, or simply get interrupted before they can finish their Investor Self Declaration.

We have introduced a “Save and continue later” feature, so users can save their progress and get a special encrypted link that allows them to return and complete their ISD any time within 30 days.

Investor Self Declarations questionnaire screen showing name and email address fields, followed by Previous, Next and Save and Continue Later buttons. The Save and Continue Later button is circled in purple and has an arrow pointing towards it.

2. Investor Self Declarations users can now read help articles in their own language

You told us that your clients want to read our Investor Self Declaration help articles in their own language.

We have updated our help beacon so that it will automatically translate into the language of your choice.

3. We launched a new knowledge base interface

The Tax Compliance Toolkit knowledge base contains lots of useful definitions and answers to common compliance questions. However, you told us that it was a bit difficult to navigate.

We have introduced a new knowledge base beacon, that appears at the bottom of every page on the Tax Compliance Toolkit.

This means you can now search for information in the knowledge base wherever you are in the site and get a simple explanation that will help you with your compliance task.

4. We have redesigned our document library

You can now search, filter and browse documents more easily in our new-look document library.

That’s it for this week!

We will be providing a weekly update about the features we are working on and any improvements to existing features. 

We’d love to hear your views too, so if there is something you would like to see in the Tax Compliance Toolkit, please contact us.


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